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Dr. Amit Patel

Gahanna Dentist Amit Patel DDS

Gahanna Dentist Amit Patel DDS

Dr. Amit Patel joined StoneRidge Dental Care in January of 2008 and has a keen interest in adult orthodontics and is also our resident Invisalign expert and performs a multitude of procedures including cosmetic dentistry, invisalign, 6 month braces, implant placement and restoration, and root canal therapy to name a few. Originally from Toronto, Dr. Patel moved to Ohio in the early 1990’s. He is a proud husband of his wife Brooke, and father two beautiful girls; Isabella, and Elyse. Dr. Patel is an avid sports fan and loves to cheer on The Buckeyes and Bluejackets!

Dr. Amit Patel – Education & Affiliations

Dr. Patel is a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Dentistry and a member of the American Dental Association, both Ohio and Columbus Dental Associations, and the Columbus Society of Contemporary Dentists. He is a member of The American Dental Academy, The Ohio Dental Association, The Columbus Dental Society and the American Dental Implant Association.

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