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price what is alprazolam 5 mg used for how many mg of codeine can get you high zolpidem cr 12.5 price over the counter drugs similar to valium generic xanax ingredients tramadol online shop Get Rid of Mercury - Dentist Columbus Ohio | StoneRidge Dental Care Ohio Dentist Columbus Ohio | StoneRidge Dental Care Ohio Get Rid of Mercury – Dentist Columbus Ohio | StoneRidge Dental Care Ohio
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Get Rid of Mercury

Metal free dentistry is cutting edge dentistry and you may want to get rid of mercury in your mouth. Those “silver” fillings that many people have throughout their mouth are really mercury based fillings. Dental amalgam fillings leach mercury into the mouth. Mercury is considered to be one of the most toxic metals on earth. The first known use of mercury fillings dates back to the Civil War era. Certainly, technology has evolved since the Civil War!

It used to be that mercury amalgam and gold were your only choices for filling material-especially for back teeth. Not so anymore, but many dentists continue to place these outdated materials. n some countries, such as Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, metal fillings have been banned in the use of mercury in dental amalgams over environmental concerns.

Get Rid of Mercury Based Fillings

At StoneRidge Dental Care, we nave never placed a mercury based filling. Our restorations are porcelain and composite based. By using these newer, esthetically pleasing materials, teeth are beautiful, natural and since they are bonded to tooth structure, render your teeth almost as strong as natural teeth.

Get Rid of Mercury - Mercury-based fillings and cracks resulting

Get Rid of Mercury – Mercury-based fillings and cracks resulting

Get Rid of Mercury Amalgam - Old Metal-based fillings

Get Rid of Mercury Amalgam – Old Metal-based fillings

This is a picture of an old mercury amalgam based filling with the cracks in the tooth radiating out from the filling. This is what happens to teeth when metal fillings are placed in the mouth. Heat and cold (coffee, tea, soup, ice, etc) cause the metal to expand and contract resulting in cracked teeth.

If you have metal-based fillings, odds are you have mercury in your mouth. Call us today and schedule an appointment for a free consultation, where our dentists will examine your current fillings and recommend the best course of action to replace these fillings. Not only will you be healthier, you will have a much more natural, healthy looking mouth.


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