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New Patient Dental Exam – Comprehensive Screening

New Patient Dental Exam

New Patient Dental Exam

At StoneRidge Dental Care, your health is our first concern and want you to understand how important our New Patient Dental Exam is to your dental health. Although we do want you to have a healthy, bright smile, we first want to ensure it is a healthy one. We achieve this by ensuring every patient receives a thorough comprehensive new patient dental exam. Here is what you can expect during your first visit and your new patient exam:

  • Medical and Dental History: We first review the patients’ medical and dental history, and a discuss any concerns they may have initially.
  • Photographs: We take a full set of photographs to establish a baseline and for later review.
  • Initial Dental Exam – Explanations: We explain the steps we take, both in the initial dental exam and going forward.
  • Oral Cancer Screening: Our dentists complete a full oral cancer screening, thoroughly examining the tongue, gums, cheeks and roof of mouth. Your dentist then examines the outside skin around your mouth.
  • TMJ and Bite Exam: Your dentist will also conduct a TMJ and bite examination, where he/she will gently move your jaw in a variety of positions. The dentist will check for tension or tenderness, signs of grinding or clenching, your muscle strength, and your bite.
  • Complete Periodontal Exam: Your dentist will continue, checking for loose teeth and any gum disease. He/she inspects each tooth for visible problems such as hairline cracks, defective fillings, cavities, or signs of wear.
  • Full Set of X-rays: We take a full set of x-rays to look for any hidden issues.

Why Do I Need a New Patient Dental Exam?

In many studies, it is now apparent that our dental health direct affects our overall health and can contribute to other health issues. It is important that you complete an oral health exam initially and then annually to ensure your oral health.

Call today to set up a comprehensive exam for you and your loved ones.

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